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#10: The magic devices that cool (and heat) our homes and how to perfect them with Bill Kee

#10: The magic devices that cool (and heat) our homes and how to perfect them with Bill Kee

Bill Kee

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It's the middle of August. For most of us, this is a hot and humid time of year--especially with heat waves raging across much of the world. To deal with more extreme temperatures we're going to need effective cooling, and a lot of it, quickly. Fortunately, we have the right device that can suck heat out or into our homes — heat pumps.

Ben chats with Bill to get to the bottom of how heat pumps work their magic. They unpack how ductless systems make sense as the "platform of the future" for the ideal experience and why we're now at the product and UX optimization moment for heat pumps.

They talk about the work Bill is doing at Quilt to make this ideal product a reality and how Bill went from a product leader working on Gmail and ad analytics products to explaining heat pump phase changes.

Bill leads Quilt’s product and go-to-market efforts. Previously, he led teams developing energy efficiency technology for Google’s real estate footprint, and earlier worked on products like Gmail and Google Analytics. His family heats and cools their home with a ductless heat pump, and he’s passionate about building a much better product and adoption experience to help leave his two sons a more sustainable world.

For regular listeners, I apologize for the one month gap since episode 9. I'm targeting to release a new episode every ~week, but we ended up taking a family trip this month and I'm working to catch up! The next episode coming out is about another appliance topic--gas versus induction stoves. To not miss an episode, make sure to subscribe or follow wherever you listen to podcasts.

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