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#15: Making the climate revolution irresistible with Nicole Kelner

#15: Making the climate revolution irresistible with Nicole Kelner

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Nicole’s watercolor showing the temperature paths for future generations:

Nicole’s painting of the 2023 IPCC Report. (source)

The world of climate tech is small and something happened about two years ago. From climate newsletters to Twitter accounts and LinkedIn posts... everything became more...colorful. There were stunning watercolors explaining the carbon cycle in oceans, the carbon impact of a hamburger, or the way that heat pump works to magically transfer heat into a home. Nicole Kelner had arrived on the scene. Taking her unique water color style and combining it with a deep desire to understand, and communicate, climate solutions.

In this conversation, Nicole shares her journey to climate artist, her process for coming up with new art ideas, and her love of running the business. We also cover why Taylor Swift should date a climate scientist, the role of AI in art, and how to make wind turbines into a beautiful neon mural.

Here are a few of my favorite prints of hers:

A few of Nicole's prints

And she’s created the first climate solutions coloring book, The Electrify Everything Coloring book:

Which was put to use at our first Climate Papa meetup including by my daughter:

We spend a lot of time talking about beautiful climate solution infrastructure. Years before I became a climate nerd, I proposed here (just over 9 years ago!):

To see more of Nicole’s work:


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Hackathon results!

Here’s more on the utility data hackathon that I hosted along with the crew at Bayou Energy. A big thanks to Dasha Cherepennikova, Dhanur Grandhi, Ross Gruber, Shawn Xu and Yin Liu for judging the final demos, and to Ari Steinberg, Arthur Shwab, Anay Shah, Nathan Eidelson, Ben Getson and Luke Squire for mentoring teams!

You can see demos and presentations here: